The impact of technology in modern life is immeasurable. We use technology in different ways and sometimes the ways we implement various technologies end up harming human lives and the environment.

The alarming rate with which human activities, industrialization, advanced technology, products and services are depleting the Earth’s ozone layer and deteriorating human health has called for various individuals, groups and organizations to take measures including an advocate for ‘Going Green’.

‘Going Green’ is the art of implementing certain lifestyle changes designed to help man live in a more eco-friendly way. This advocacy should be an individual, national and global collective initiative geared towards sustainable development. In effect, the needs of the present ought to be met without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.

Lately, organisations and some individuals have taken strides in this green direction in the areas of renewable energy production, sustainable agric-biodiversity and ecosystem, among others. These private sector – led initiatives, advocacies and civil society interventions have conformed to the Millennium Development Goal to “Ensure Environmental Sustainability.”

Concept Behind The GH Green Awards & Expo
The concept behind the GH Green Awards & Expo in Ghana is to recognize and reward these Green envoys & initiatives as well as encourage others towards attaining a low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive Green Ghana.

The theme for the maiden GH Green Awards & Expo is dubbed “A Green Ghana Evolution – A Must for Every Ghanaian”.