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Below are the competitive award categories identified by the Gh Green Committee. This category identifies eleven (11) main awards as indicated below:-

1. The Green Organisation of the Year
This award is meant for the overall leader in green issues in all spheres and who have made tremendous impact in a given year. The winner of this award must be an organization who can demonstrate a bottom-up best environmental practice in all aspects of running an organization; who can demonstrate that good environmental practice is a key business strategy and part of the everyday operations of the business; and who have implemented a green strategy designed to reduce the impact the business makes on the environment as they deliver their products and services.

2. Environmental Sustainability Team of the Year
This award recognizes environmental efforts through teamwork. It is for people in any sphere who have come together to work on any environmental challenge that shows rest of populace the power of group work and innovative thinking. This could be within an organization, collaboration between two organizations, community group or any other group that has prioritized environmental considerations.

3. The Green Construction Company of the Year
This award recognizes sustainable development through innovative construction methods, sustainable use of resources and a design that prioritizes the needs of the wider environment and society. This could be a reduced carbon footprint, or energy saving products and methods.

4. Agric Biodiversity Organisation of the Year
This award will recognize best practices in the agricultural industry from livestock, fishing, pollinator and organic farming.

5. The Green Energy Company of the Year
This award honors any company that has demonstrated effective sustainable energy initiatives and is involved in providing alternative energy supplies or a technology enabling the more efficient production of alternative energy.

6. The Green Manufacturer of the Year
This award is meant for manufacturers who can demonstrate a ground-up best environmental practice in all aspects of running a large manufacturing business.

7. The Sustainable Water Manager of the Year
This award is meant for any organization that has made improvements or used innovative methods to result in water savings or water quality improvements.

8. The Green Technology Innovator of the Year
This award is open to all technologists and innovators who have developed a new service or process that has made a positive contribution to the environment.

9. Best Waste Management Practitioner of the Year
This award is open to all businesses who can demonstrate commitment, innovation and action in improving waste management systems through sustainability and innovation.

10. Green Product of the Year
This award goes to the product introduced which provides an eco-friendly solution as effective as its non-environmental equivalent. It could be a cleaning product, a service or anything that enables people, businesses and communities to create a more sustainable future. A key criterion is that the product is an effective replacement of non-green traditional alternative, or has taken a ‘re-use and recycle’ approach and diverted materials away from landfill.

11. Green Media of the Year
This award is intended to honor the media house that dedicates resources towards playing the advocacy role in promoting change towards more sustainable behavior and industrial / technological processes about the way we live and treat the environment.