Those who will be honoured at the maiden GH Green Awards & Expo will receive a plaque depicting the ‘Tree of Life’.

The choice of ‘Tree of Life’ for the plaque is to give more meaning to the concept of sustainable Green development which the Awards seek to promote in Ghana. The ‘Tree of Life’ represents the foundation, strength and sustenance of life.

One of the most interesting aspects of the ‘Tree of Life’ is its recurrence in different cultures and in different ages across the globe. From ancient Egypt to ancient Iran and China, the ‘Tree of Life’ and its rich symbolism has travelled time and space and today it is known as one of the most important concept in various fields such as theology, mythology, philosophy and even biology.

In most religious and belief systems, the ‘Tree of Life’ stands as a symbol of knowledge because it is believed to be the connector of the heavens and the underworld. Some also call it the ‘tree of knowledge’ or ‘cosmic tree’ because it connects all forms of creations. The ‘Tree of Life’ in psychological terms, is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious allowing you to access the infinite knowledge from the subconscious mind and getting connected to the source of all creation at the same time.

No matter whether you wish to embrace wisdom or the power of knowledge in your life, get connected to the source and become your true self. The ‘Tree of Life’ should always follow you closely to guide your steps in life.